Upgrade your business to the digital era.

In order to compete in your market, you need to give today’s consumers what they crave– entertaining video and crisp soundbites that are fun, not dry.

Small businesses and Mom & Pop shops face a lot of competition in today’s world. Long gone are the days when you could build most of your relationships in person with foot traffic and passers by. Today’s consumers window shop and browse online. They get to know, like, and trust a business through video and interviews they find on social media channels and on your website. Your digital presence needs to be fun and entertaining while at the same time professional and clean, but most small businesses don’t even know where to start. I’ll help you choose the right equipment for your production, and I’ll help you create a flawless representation of your brand so your audience will recognize you as the leader among your competitors. Still feel like you’re in over your head? I’ll produce your video or podcast from the ground up!

Video Production

Small video production requests, video/audio consulting

Podcast Setup

$ 50 /Hour
  • Podcast Setup
  • Podcast Recording Setup
  • Setup podcast with hosting provider
  • Add podcast to iTunes and Google

Podcast Editing

$ 50 /Hour
  • Improve/Adjust Sound
  • Remove hums and awkward moments
  • Level Sound
  • Remove Background Noise

Podcast Recording Assistance

Request Invoice
  • Don’t have your own equipment? I can setup and produce your podcast with my equipment.

Need some help?