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Some people refer to me as an inquisitive do-it-yourselfer. When there’s a task that needs done around my house, I’ve always been much more likely to figure out how to do it myself than to hire someone else. This curiosity led me to a whole world of YouTube videos for fellow DIYers. While the videos were helpful and I was able to learn new things (like how to build my own storage shelves in my garage and how to install and fix a garbage disposal), I couldn’t help but notice the poor quality of the videos I was watching. As an IT project manager by trade, I suppose it’s in my blood to break projects down into manageable tasks with instructions that others can understand, and I’m also extremely tech savvy and know how to improve sound and video production with different software, hardware, apps, and technology. So I decided to record my own videos for YouTube with these improvements, and my Hindsight 101 channel took off! Now, I help others produce the highest quality videos and podcasts for their businesses so they can connect with their audience, build relationships through technology, increase brand awareness, and grow their business.

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